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Goya Contemporary Gallery

Gallery Hop to Málaga, Baltimore, and Beyond

Summer 2021

Badr El Jundi: Female Gaze

Much of art history has depended on the male gaze, in Badr El Jundi’s new group show, Female Gaze, artists Paola Angelini, Cecilia Granara, Aileen Murphy, and Lulama Wolf explore what it means to be a woman. The female figures in these painting invite viewers to celebrate femininity while deconstructing social expectations of women.

Locks Gallery: Jun Kaneko

Originally trained as a painter in Japan, Jun Kaneko was enraptured by the California Clay Movement of the early 1960s. Since then, he has explored the fusion of form and space in his sculptures. Now through July 31, explore a collection of Kaneko’s freestanding ceramic forms and wall-hung pieces at Locks Gallery.

Goya Contemporary: Whose Pain Do We Acknowledge First?

Now through August 6, explore this solo exhibition of artworks by Contemporary American artist Charles Mason III. The Baltimore based artist and educator creates abstractions around identity politics and the “performative act of blackness” experienced and manifested through physical materials.

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